Lifelong Learning Association for Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development

  • Informing, raising awareness and training citizens in relation to environmental issues and sustainable development;
  • Providing lifelong learning opportunities according to society requirements;
  • Ensuring that each citizen has easy access to quality information and advice on educational opportunities in his/her own country and across Europe throughout his/her life;
  • Increasing the investment level in human resources in order to capitalize on the human potential.

Specific objectives:

  • Organizing dissemination campaigns among citizens in order to help them develop the knowledge and skills required for getting involved in sustainable development;
  • Designing and spreading dissemination materials and studies on the actions and policies concerning environmental issues and sustainable development;
  • Organizing campaigns in order to raise awareness and encorage volunteering among young people about the importance of keeping the environment clean;
  • Developing programs in order to raise awareness on the importance of the environment and sustainable development through family education.

Target Groups
AEPMDD provides equal access to all citizens who wish to participate in the activities and projects we organize. For this reason AEPMDD encourages volunteering among children, young people and adults.

AEPMDD also addresses disadvantaged groups such as:

  • children and adults with special educational needs;
  • people living in isolated rural areas or in socio-economically disadvantaged areas;
  • other categories of citizens with low access to education.